February 29, 2016

Ishq Zara Sa...!!!

I wish I could write more than I do ... I guess I haven’t written since more than a year now, maybe due to life happenings or not getting the required zeal of it. So here I finally get back with visiting the blog and hope to keep writing again now.

Recently heard  “Ishq Zara Sa” a romantic Sufi number released on Valentines day, and I couldn’t stop myself from expressing my thoughts over it. Although song reviews aren’t something I have ever written before, but this one piece of excellence calls for huge applauses.

“Ishq Zara Sa” written and produced by Tushar Upreti, Music directed by Rupesh Verma, is a Sufi song, that shows love has no boundaries. The wait, longing, depth, feelings, love care and every emotion attached to the matters of the heart gets you in your own sweet world of DejaVu. The famous love bond of Mirza Sahiba is known to most of us, and whoever doesn’t, at least has a vague idea about them. Every love story from our ancient times, has the tale of pain, hurt and separation attached to it, which tells us how hard is it to get the one you love or how difficult is it to stay without them. Ishq Zara Sa has the essence and flavours of romance to it.

Ishq Zara Sa” lyrics have been written which such efficient, crisp and precise meanings to it, that it has the strength of getting tears to the eyes. Ishq zara sa tells the tale of how even Sahiba’s eyes showed her wait for her love Mirza, the way the starting of the song says “Main na Janu khel Tamasha, na Janu koi dilasa.. Mirza nu sahiba di ankhiya puchh di hai kab aaoge..” Just every feeling has been crafted into this line. This song proves that love has no boundaries, the world cannot stop people from loving each other; its about the completeness of oneself with just the feeling or the other being there somewhere and the hope that one day would be the day or uniting together. About how even the smallest of things are cherished from getting the essence of god when meeting the love of your life, from remembering the way the love blossoms, reminiscing every word of love spoken, every prayer made together, recognising even the sound of the anklets, the fights with inner-self, the releasing of the love kept inside, just every little thing attached…

Ishq Zara Sa has the potential of showing the love bond between two individuals and how Sahiba waits for her love to return to her, without bothering about the society and leaving the worldliness in the hands of God, and just concentrating on the day she would see her love.

Ishq Zara Sa connects the heart to the soul. The soul of love, the soul of care, the soul of the song itself is so pure, undoubtedly it deserves can bring memories rushing back to you and make your heart skip a beat. The music has such immense peace and calmness to it, again the use of perfect instruments, amazingly sung and modulated, the way the song lifts up and gets the mood changing, how it captures attention, there was not even a single moment where I couldn’t say wowww.. there couldn’t be a better valentine gift by Pixelosome Productions other than giving such a passionate and mesmerising Sufi song ensuring all bonds of love are crafted into it.

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